*Rush Hour*
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Autorius:  Love_303 [ 2014 04 16, 11:17 ]
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We are all UNIQUE - We are all ONE - We are all BADASS !!
So excited to be back with the second BaDaSS event "Rush Hour". This time we represent one of the oldest Baltic states‘ gurus Denis Punch (R2, ELECTRIC CAFE), well known not only in Tallin. He used to play alongside guys like Sammuli Kemppi, Josh Wink, Damon Wild and many more...
Second of our line up is Daimon( Techstylism). We could say a lot of about this fella, but we don't think we need to... One of Headmasters of the oldest and biggest festivals in Lithuania TUNDRA - elektroninės muzikos festivalis" rave... !!! The Third one is Omal (Step Service) with a full bag of freshest vinyls, he is going to make a hell on the dancefloor because he is coming home !! And the last one is from our lovely family, resident of "Terraportas" Pol (Step Service). Get ready technoheads, Cya dancing !!! :twisted:

▀ Denis Punch (R2, ELECTRIC CAFE) Tallin
▀ Daimon (Techstylism) Vilnius
▀ Omal (Step service) UK/LT
▀ Pol( FASHO) Kaunas
€: Attendance fee: 23h⇋00h-10lt; Later 20lt. :twisted:

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