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Autorius:  -samis- [ 2005 06 21, 11:39 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

reikia maishiukus prie iejimo dalint :)

Autorius:  shilaz [ 2005 06 22, 8:30 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

nu kaip tusas?:)

Autorius:  lina [ 2005 06 22, 9:19 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

puikiai. svarus garsas, daaaaaug senu reiveriu ir out of space gale, nuneshes stoga visiems iki galo.

Autorius:  -samis- [ 2005 06 22, 12:51 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

shiaip renginys tai tikrai tox, kokio dar nebuvau mates.. bet nuvyle, kad viskas taip trumpai vyko :(

Autorius:  drumblius [ 2005 06 22, 18:13 ]
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sheip tais juo, vyskas buva labai puiku, malonu buva ishgirst mokyklos diskoteku hitus gyvai ;] na tik vienas dalykas kad ash tu zhadetu 250 kw garso visai nepastebejau, o ir ezhio padalinti ausu kishtukai tiko tik y nosi ysikisht rukanchiuju bare ;]
dar vienas dalykas kuris mane kaip lietuvy paguode, kad sedimos vietos apie kurias ash tai galvojau buva visiems prieinamas, taigi brangesni bilietai nueja perniek ;] vot

Autorius:  marlou [ 2005 06 22, 22:39 ]
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na garsas tai geras, bet apsvietimas, tai silpnas..

Autorius:  Trentemoller [ 2005 06 23, 10:09 ]
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As kaip noreciau nuwykti i toki koncerta... :) senas prodigy gerbejas :)

Autorius:  Rokandroller [ 2005 06 23, 10:36 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

_Raiden_ rašė:
As kaip noreciau nuwykti i toki koncerta... :) senas prodigy gerbejas :)

Tai kad tevai jau nebenuvyksi :lol:

Autorius:  bij303 [ 2005 06 24, 14:47 ]
Pranešimo tema:  Garso

about the 220kw... that's a commercial argument used by promoters...
i can tell you exactly what was the PA cause i set it up:

20x subs SB1000 EAW (2kw each) = 80kw
18x vertec 4888 JBL (2,4kw each) = 43,2kw
Side & Rear fill
12x subs SB850 EAW (2kw each) = 24kw
10x KF 850 EAW (1,6kw each) =16kw
for a total of 163,2 kw

KiloWatts dont mean much, the important thing is dBs, and there it was peaking at 140dBs 25meters from PA (at FOH desk), which means very loud ! More than everything the most important is clarity, and i think we achieved a clear and powerfull sound in a place that has a terrible acoustic...

Autorius:  bij303 [ 2005 06 24, 14:55 ]
Pranešimo tema:  Mistake...


was 18 JBL VerTec per side !! so 43,2kw by 2 (just realised there was like twice more subs than mid/highs... no logic in that !)

so total power used was about 206kw

Autorius:  bij303 [ 2005 06 24, 15:03 ]
Pranešimo tema:  Re-Mistake

same for subs, 20 per side...

Autorius:  Intakz [ 2005 06 24, 15:57 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Mirtinas garsas.

Autorius:  EARepair [ 2005 06 27, 13:38 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

garsas buvo slykstus!
jokiu uzlaikymo liniju (side-rear fill) nejauciau. Viskas koncentruota prie scenos. Viduriai ir auksti spengia.. wueah. shudinas garsas tikrai

Autorius:  bij303 [ 2005 06 27, 18:31 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

what the f##k are you talking about mr steponas ? did you hear about the line array principle ? go study, read, try and then open your kid's mouth.... vertec are opening 120° horizontal, do the maths and you'll find out there was no need for side fills. Anyways there was 16 subs and 16 mid-high for stage side fills that were spraying on the first 10 meters audience, plus two vertec stacked on top of the subs on each side for center fill... About back fill: you couldnt see it as it was behind the drums.. i can enlight you with pictures if you need some courses... One last thing, read the email sent by Jon Burton (Prodigy's sound engineer) and tell me how strange it is that he liked the sound if it was so bad ??? GO LEARN AND STOP TALKING ABOUT THINGS YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT...

Subject: Prodigy
Date: 23 juin 2005 12:08:29 GMT+03:00

Just a quick note to say thanks for your help at the show. I was very pleased with the way the speaker system was set up. I am not a big fan of Vertec but I thought it did a good job! The sub system worked very well. I surprised myself at one point!
I hope you got to bed at a reasonable hour. It was a long weekend for all of us.
I look forward to returning to Vilnius, it is a lovely city, I can see why you have made it your home.
Once again thanks,

Jon Burton
FOH Engineer, The Prodigy.
+44 7831 583892 Mobile
+44 114 268 7111 FAX

Autorius:  bij303 [ 2005 06 27, 18:41 ]
Pranešimo tema:  If you were right...

If you were right it would mean that Prodigy's sound engineer sucks big time....and he's been with them for 8 years... shut up !

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