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Autorius:  bij303 [ 2006 01 11, 11:04 ]


BIRDY (Nu-Records, Paris)
BIJ (BB, Vilnius-Paris)

BOOL (Nu-Records, Vilnius-Paris)

Bij / Birdy / Bij-Birdy back 2 back

20LT-15LT with flyer - Happy hour (22:00-24:00) Cocktails for 1/2 price
January 20th 2006 @ Klubas "Starlight Avenue", Justiniškių g. 64, Vilnius, LT


Autorius:  Eveliut [ 2006 01 11, 11:45 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

vieta gera, hahah :lol:

Autorius:  bij303 [ 2006 01 12, 19:00 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

forget about the place's old reputation,
new sound system rocks,
line up is good,
videos are great,
we have all conditions to have a good party if the right people come, and off course if the hugly ones stay outside ! (which will happen as we'll have a very good physionomist at the door ;)

Autorius:  Eveliut [ 2006 01 12, 21:55 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

ok ok 8) :lol:

Autorius:  Intakz [ 2006 01 12, 22:34 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Oh.. In Italy is not like dat.

Autorius:  joks_formatas [ 2006 01 13, 13:23 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

:shock: Ale pavadinimas taj ..... jo...... :)

Autorius:  Intakz [ 2006 01 13, 15:37 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Dar galejo Piero B. ish Prospekto pub'o prikabinti :) jis irgi disco megsta :)

Autorius:  joks_formatas [ 2006 01 13, 16:00 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Taprasme kazhkaip kejstokaj BB presents BBB :D

Autorius:  bij303 [ 2006 01 13, 17:47 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Disco ? you're not gonna hear any Disco there !

BB presents BBB, that's the thing... BB stands for bernie & bij... so it should have been BBBB

Autorius:  Intakz [ 2006 01 14, 4:40 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

BeBe :)

Autorius:  joks_formatas [ 2006 01 15, 19:59 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Bij ash suprataw bet krc..kejksmazhodzhiais kwepia;]] na anyway gal ir nieko kajp starlajtuj gal bishki atsigaus...nors labaj abejoju

Autorius:  Quartz [ 2006 01 15, 21:07 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Great sound should be used for great music :wink:

Autorius:  Debesiukas [ 2006 01 18, 15:10 ]
Pranešimo tema: 


Dj Birdy


Born in Paris in 1972, Birdy discovers electronic music in
1989 during a trip to Detroit where he spent most of his time in
underground parties.

A few years later, he was working for various party organizers in Lyon
and started spinning behind the decks during private rave parties.
"Max Le Sale Gosse" was the first known Dj who invited him to perform
at an official party and so launched his career. His skills brought
him up to play in clubs like "Space" and "Fridge" in Lyon and abroad
in Spain, Lithuania...

Recently he hooked up with Nugen, a talented French progressive house
producer, and became part of Nu-records label. It's on Nu Recs that
Birdy released his first Dj-set album.

Now settled in Paris he regularly plays at Folie's Pigale, Vinyl,
Batofar, and took part in the huge Techno Parade, and even organizes
private events going towards progressive house and electro sounds,
inspired by artists like Timo Maas, Francesco Farfa, G-Pal... Together
with Nugen they perform at Morphismes's parties «Quattrocento»
( which soon became the best progressive house
parties in Paris.

2006 takes a new direction with a collaboration with Dj Faskil
( a Dj/Producer from Belgium recently settled in Paris,
they are starting their own Parties "Connected", and will be playing
back to back on the well know "PROTON RADIO" (
among Luke Dzierek, Paolo Mojo, D:Fuse, and others…

Autorius:  bij303 [ 2006 01 20, 13:39 ]
Pranešimo tema: 

freezing in here....

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