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 Pranešimo tema: We looked at everything that happened
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When Blizzard first announced Classic, I did not really know what to do, but I'm starting to be seduced. This demo helped me to understand that there was nothing wrong with how to play World of Warcraft, but Blizzard improved it anyway. Well, that's what you're doing with MMO. This constant need for innovation and iteration has given birth to World of Warcraft, which WoW Classic Items is a completely different game today, rewarding players, no matter how much time they have to play during the week. given. The classic, on the contrary, tastes the slow burning of the journey, which can take months. These are two very different games with two very different visions and I love them both.

If at some point you fall in love with Azeroth, I'm not sure if World of Warcraft Classic will revive those feelings. This is not a magical artifact that can breathe life into my nostalgia that has vanished over the great years of the teenage Internet. I realize that it was stupid to believe. But World of Warcraft Classic claims it is not always new and that even if something is ugly and mundane, it can still have its charm.

Blizzard revealed the progress made since the World of Warcraft Classic demo and has been commented on by the critics of the players. In the update of the official forums, the community leader 'Kaivax' said that his team 'followed the discussions'. about the World of Warcraft Classic MMO reconstruction from 2004 and is expected to be released later this year thanks to 'fantastic' fans about the demo. 'Thank you to everyone who gave us so much feedback, especially to members of the community who compiled a list of problems that people found in the demo,' said Kaivax. 'We looked at everything that happened. I have been asked and I want to share some stories with you so that you can see how we solve these problems. '

Kaivax explained that if the team thought about 'solving an incorrect health regeneration problem and a critical spell count for spells, the Classic office experienced a' discrepancy '- which was accurate - and an environment for the demo for players, which was not as accurate. From that moment, the developer was able to solve the problem. Other 'mistakes' were, however, intentional.

Another problem reported by players is the cancellation of the Warlock demon invocation. Many players have said that you should not lose the current demon until a new demon appears - added Kaivax. 'We checked again in the original version 1.12 Buy Gold in WoW Classic, and there, as soon as you started calling a new demon, your existing demon disappeared, so the demo suited the game of origin. There were several other C reports, such as 'rare crowds do a lot less damage' and 'Kobolds from Jangolode mine run faster than current speed' 'C, where we were able to confirm that the game was the same in the demo as in the original WoW 1.12 'version.

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